Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hey I Put Some New Shoes On...

I don't know if anyone has heard Paolo Nutini's song "New Shoes", but its become a regular on Pandora as of lately just for the upbeat tempo and easy going feel of it. He's a Scottish artist who's first album came out in 2006, so I'm a little late on getting into his music, but better late than never, right? I think everyone should at least give him a listen. I got a new pair of Chuck's the other week and every time I put them on, which has only been 3 times since I purchased them...thanks to a daily uniform, I get that song in my head!

Tried to watch Green Lantern last night here on base. I was a little excited about the Ryan Reynolds-ness of the flick, but did not expect to give up on it. Which I did. The movie was supposed to start at 1900 (7pm), so I got there about 15 mins early to get my ticket and get situated. Well the movie didn't start til at least after an hour of sitting tight waiting on the movie to begin I was a not the happiest camper. But it started and I gave it a chance, I sat through an hour of sci-fi, computer generated scenes mixed with real time/live actor moments and what I considered sub-standard acting. I tried to enjoy it, I really did. But the whole plot seemed a little too far fetched and far too predictable for me to sit there much longer. So up out of my seat and back to the dvd's I had picked up from the library. This weekend I chose Confessions of a Shopaholic, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Sound of Music (all movies I've seen before, but enjoyed for different reasons) and I picked up The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which I've never seen but it drew me in so we're giving it a shot.

Oh! And yesterday I finally got ESPN3 to work on my computer so I had the priveledge of watching Manchester United take on Chicago Fire! My biggest regret is that I didn't get into soccer sooner. I enjoyed the whole match and the time passed so quickly. And that's saying a lot since Michael Owen didn't even play yesterday but still I watched the whole game! Seattle has a team so once I get situated at Fort Lewis I may be looking a little more into that and my fan-ness will probably grow. But for now I'll be content with ESPN3 and the upcoming match Man U has against the MLS All-Stars Wednesday! Oh! And ESPN3 shows a few baseball games during the week I'm also looking forward to checking out! SPORTS HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU BEING WITHIN MY GRASP!!!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Could it get any crazier?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES! (and FYI I had to check my spelling on RESOUNDING and the definition google provided me is quite fitting - loud enough to reverberate) I start block 4 Friday, which means I have that class and 2 more left! I'm halfway done. That's what that means. But block 4 is the the first totally tough class. I'll be outside everyday, all day, in the Texas heat. Which means tons of hydration, moreso than I already am. Praying it passes quickly. Block 5 is hazmat and is spent almost entirely in the class and then its to Block 6, aircraft fires which is a mixture of both and has its difficult moments.

New flash for all who didn't catch the news on facebook, I'm heading to Fort Lewis, Washington in September. Yay for not Texas and yay for not Leonardwood! And yet again THAT could get crazier, I'm assigned to an EOD unit...just think The Hurt Locker. Me assigned to a bomb unit...guess someone has to put it out when it catches on fire. Crazy life I lead.

OH! Anyone in the US that's able to go see Man Utd while they're stateside should! If for no other reason than I can't. I tell you though, if they played in Texas on a weekend I would def be there. They're in DC the end of this month! And anyone searching for an awesome birthday present for moi...less than a month til I hit 28...a Michael Owen jersey would be on point! ;-)

Josh Hamilton got a sweet hit in the All Star Game last night! Didn't see the game, but I saw the butt was in bed super early. Hmmm...thinking of other interesting sports news...I'm not following the New York Rangers on twitter since Brad Richards is there.

And that's all I've got for now, have to take my Block 3 end of block exam in a few hours and should probably do a bit more studying.