Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teeth it Christmas, no just Washington

As I was browsing facebook for the millionth time today, I saw Brittany's blog on her cookie making and I realized I had neglected all my blog readers for the longest time.

Well I am now settled into the swing of things here in Washington...that's STATE not DC. Its cold here, and we all know how much I hate the cold. I pull out the sweatshirts when the temps drop below 70. Well its yet to be above 50 this week so just think of the freezing that is taking place! I like it here though besides the lack of the warmth and the lack of a vehicle. I plan to have mine shipped to me after I get my tax return. I figure if I didn't have the money, then I can't miss it, right?

Just now compiling a Christmas present list, all of the shopping will probably be done online to save me from shipping things individually. Also planning to buy a mini tree this week/weekend to get into the spirit.

I have already watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Christmas Story and Its A Wonderful Life, the 3 staple movies upon which the entertainment portion of this holiday season should hinge on. So I feel I'm off to a good start, if only I could stay warm!