Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year...Same Ole Me

So my New Year rolled in uneventful. I actually slept through it. But that's the thing one should do when they have to be at work at 0700 1Jan2012. I did receive an awesome call from Spensir at 9pm...midnight for you east coasters. Had to smile when she said on television they were playing Frank Sinatra and she thought of me. Can't wait for my trip home in May, it can't come soon enough. I haven't done anything amazing and exciting as of recently so nothing to report on that front. I work, I sleep, I grocery shop, I facebook, I repeat. Thus is my existance as of now.

My Christmas was also pretty uneventful. I happened to be off, and all of my wonderful gifts were locked up in the mailroom until Dec 27th. Just wonderful right? So I spent my Christmas watching movies, napping, and then dinner with King and his wife, both awesome and I'm glad from South Carolina, because the southern cooking was well appreciated. I did call and speak with everyone at Nan and Gramps' and that was cool, probably going to become a regular thing I guess, as I don't want to be part of the mass of travelers around the Christmas holidays.

Work is still work, I'm plugging along. Starting my EMT class on the 9th, which I'm ready for. I'm ready to add something else to my list of training. Hope it'll be pretty much a review for me. We shall see.

Well until next time! :)