Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday...but it feels like Monday

Just a word of advice to start off with. If you're in serious work out mode and you're training for something you really really really want--and your squad decides to go on a snowboard matter how AWESOME you think its going to be, it will hurt. It will hurt you, you will bruise and it will affect your next few days in the gym. I only say this because I wish someone would have forwarned me just how horrible this would play out.

TUESDAY - Snowboard trip day. I got off work that morning-ish...had to go get weighed and taped for WLC (the leadership class I'm starting the end of April). Just so all of you know I was extremely happy to see 147.8 on that scale (the most I've weighed since basic). The happiness hinges on the fact that I can still very well see my ribs and I don't have a gut, so I'm assuming its an influx of muscle mass.

So I finish all the Army neccessities of my day and we all load up for our trip to Steven's Pass. This place is gorgeous! And for me to say that about a place covered in snow is saying something. We get there and we start the day...a short day, by the time we got up there we had a few good hours before they closed. Not perfect some may say, but after the TWO whole trips I made down the mountain it was enough. Anyone that's gone tubing behind a boat on the lake and knows the feeling with the tube skims the water (bump...bump...bump), that's what my rearend did multiple times on that mountain. By the end I was just wishing I could manage a face plant to save what was left of my sore tail.

Woke up to a VERY VERY bruised bum. I mean nearly a whole buttcheek black and blue. One would think that would be a free pass on working out, right? Nope...I got no remorse from Fike except "The Army didn't tell you to go snowboarding did they?" Just the motivation I need right? Anyone that knows me knows that me being pissed off is just the motivation I need to do something. So the situp routine is what started the day off. Start with 30lbs on your chest (we use 3 10lb plates) you do 15 situps with 30lbs, drop a plate, 15 with 20lbs, drop a plate, 15 with 10lbs, drop a plate, 15 situps. Then you gather your plates back up and do the same thing, this time 12 situps with each, then 10 situps with each. Normally its my legs that hurt after this, but nope, it was my butt. Never realized just what a pivot point your tail is when doing situps. It was horrible.

Then it was triceps time...starting with the biggest weakness. My lack of strength isn't in my chest. I can go down fine and I can hold myself off the ground, its the extending back up that kills me. So what do I do? A few minutes back to back of tricep pushups, which I can say are in much better form than they were a few months ago. Then a few more tricep exercises and I would like to think I was done. But nope, run time. Now if I told you those situps hurt, it was nothing like the run was. Five minutes in and I was nearly in tears, my butt, my all hurt. So I had to tap out and use the Eliptical...which I've decided is worse than running (my personal opinion). But I finished up and topped it all off with a protein shake...chocolate protein powder, ice, greek yogurt, blueberries, peanut butter...and whatever else might have been slipped in there.

Today's workout went better. I did run my miles at a 6:58 pace which made me happy, until I thought about the pain. But I did my best not to think about it. And I stuck to working triceps a bit today with the help of one of our Assistant Chief's. He gave me some pointers and some new exercises to try out. We'll see how it goes.

Hope everyone's enjoying reading about my workout adventures!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Focus, New Blog Topic, New Me

Everyone that reads this keeps up with me on Facebook and knows me pretty well. You should all know me well enough to know that I HATE RUNNING. Yes, I know hate is a strong word, that's been shoved down my throat for as long as I can remember but still I choose to use that word knowing full well the severity of it.
But anyone that knows me also knows I hate to lose, I hate to fail and I HATE to be the weak link. I'm competitive. I don't like admitting I CAN'T (that's a no go word around here) do something, but when it comes to running so often all of those things I just mentioned swirl around me and I feel like a loser.
All of this is about to change. I don't know how in tune with the Army Physical Fitness Test any of you are, but its composed of two events, 2 minutes of sit-ups (UGH)...2 minutes of push-ups (DOUBLE UGH)...and a 2 mile run (cringe and curl up in the fetal position). The Army standard is to score at least a 180. That would be scoring a 60 (of a possible 100 - not counting the extended scale - I'm not going into that much detail) in each event. The scoring is based on your sex and age. For me that means 45 sit-ups, 50 push-ups and no more that 20:30 on my run. I don't find myself in horrible shape, but this test kills me everytime. And its going to be a constant in my career so its not like I can shrug it off. I WANT TO BE THE BEST! Which means training to perform.
Right now of the 11 of us firefighters I'm one of the lower PT scores. UNACCEPTABLE, both to myself as well as my NCO's. So to counter this I'm giving the extra effort to pull up these scores. Meaning a whole butt load of working out, a whole lot of running, and a lot of pain in my legs I've found out.
I'm going to change my blog focus, or more like give it some focus. The topic will be keeping you all updated on my progress with this training deal. I'm over a week into the regular workouts with Fike and no lie I think I'd be better off if my legs straight fell off, but I'm going to kick butt on my next PT test and if this is what I have to do that, then this is what I have to do. My goal? A 300 score, because let's face it how can you motivate others to demand and give their best if you don't do the same for yourself. So years from now when someone tells me they can't do it or its impossible I can use my experience and tell them they sure as hell can and they best get their asses in gear! :)