Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shop til you Drop!!!

So to anyone that's been checking my facebook lately, I've been doing a bit of clothing shopping. Mostly due to the fact that I entered the Army in FEBRUARY when it was below freezing, with just the clothes on my back and about 20+ pounds heavier.

I opted to do some bargain shopping which should make my mother proud. I started with Target and went with something classic. I'm trying to start dressing the near 30 that I am, that and I've never been a fan of short shorts and barely there tops. So here's what I ended up with:

I absolutely love these shorts! The length is perfect for me and the green is amazing! Only downfall is they will require some care (probably going to have to break out the iron), as they wrinkle very easily.

Also fell in love with this top. I'm not sure if this is the exact color I purchased, I think mine is a bit more red and less pink. Similar to the bathing suit I bought the other weekend if anyone recalls that. The color goes great with the green of the shorts!

I also purchased a great pair of brown sandals which sadly I couldn't locate a photo of...planning to buy a camera before too long and I'll be able to just take my own pictures! :-)

All of those items were kind of spur of the moment with a quick stop at Target last Saturday. I had already done some online shopping prior to this at oldnavy.com. I've always been a fan, but I am just picky on the fit of so many items that Old Navy usually disappoints. But all that aside I still opted to shop there due to the amazing deals I found. I bought the following there:

My first pair of skinny jeans, I don't think this picture does them justice. They're cropped so I think they'll go great with those new sandals!!! All the time I spent at Jcrew and never once did I consider buying skinny jeans. They were a steal too! Only $15.99!!!

This is another item that the picture doesn't do justice too. It's embroidered so the detailing is stunning...but it is quite sheer so I will need to pick up a tank top to wear under it. Also I'm a bit leary of the elastic at the bottom of the garmet...I plan on keeping it, but trying to make up my mind on how I feel about that.

Not sure about this either, the grey is actually glittery. But the weight of it is perfect for cooler days...not that I'm seeing those here in Texas, but eventually. And it was another good deal. I love the length of the cardigan, it is quite long. And the yellow is a bit brighter, not quite the baby bedroom yellow this picture shows, actually closer to a fluorescent yellow, which I love!

Well I'm going to continue to hunt for great deals and see what other additions I can make to my none existant wardrobe in Texas!!!

Definitely on the list before I leave this state is a new pair of cowboy boots. Some amazing statement type boots! :-) Can't wait to find them!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feeling Old

Week 2 has come and gone, so has the weekend. I get so bored during the weekends, but they still somehow manage to pass by in the blink of an eye. I'm sure all of you that follow this blog are also my friends on facebook so I know you all know how much time I spend on facebook. I like to keep up with everyone and see what's going on in the real world.

Classes are trucking along, passed First Responder with a 98% average, still shooting for honor grad. Now we're on to the first part of Firefighter 1. Not sure if those certs I already have will kick in, just more studying and staying busy. Its all good.

My weekend started with Military Ball, which was awesome. I thought it would be super stuffy and formal, almost dreaded it, especially when Sgt Wilder said we had to wear our skirts because it was an evening affair...ridiculous. I think phasing out the skirts should be next on the list now that the Army is getting rid of our berets and velcro on our ACUs. But anywho, I wore the skirt and the ugly shoes...looking like a flight attendant. And low and behold had a good time. Mingled with NCO's and laughed a lot. The food was great, steak and chicken, potatoes and green beans. And BIRTHDAY CAKE. Happy 236th Birthday Army! ~actually on the 14th, but when you get that old who really cares what day you celebrate on.

Saturday I bought a swimsuit and actually spend a whole 45 minutes at the pool. Also did laundry, some straightening up and wasted time on the computer.

Today, Sunday, slept til 8. Ate breakfast, studied a bit, decided I was getting hungry again so instead of heading back to the DFAC and instead of Subway, which I'm actually tiring of, I made up a shopping list and headed to the Commissary. I now have groceries!! Including lunch meat, cheese, peanut butter and a loaf of bread. Also purchased high sodium Ramen noodles, that amazing (also high in sodium) Chunky baked potato soup Sarra turned me on to. I know I have meals at the DFAC whenever I want, but it gets boring...and sometimes not that I don't spend enough time here as it is, I'd rather be in my room.

I feel old here. My 28th birthday is quickly approaching. I've calculated my time between specific events. I count down to the 4th of July and the four day weekend (18 days), then to my birthday 5th of August, and then its less than a month til graduation. Breaking it down that way makes it a bit more bearable. I just keep having flashbacks to college, which I loved at the time, but I have no desire to relive at 27...10 years older does not make me yearn for my younger years...but so many here are in that age range and this is their college experience...I couldn't imagine...lol

Well until my next installment, hope you enjoyed the randomness!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Edition

Week 1 is in the record books. 12 more to go...perhaps...supposedly all those handy dandy certificates I accumulated during my time in Amherst County just might transfer to the DoD (Dept of Defense) Fire Academy. Impressed? You should be. You should also be impressed at my patience and ability to keep my eyes open through class...through my FIRST RESPONDER class. I have just taken about 3 or 4 giant steps backwards as far as EMS training is concerned. Just means I get to ace everything, right? Right!

I had one of our Sgt's look at me Friday and say "You're the one that's a paramedic right?" I looked confused for a moment and attempted to tell him I wasn't QUITE a medic, to which he said "Well its all the same." Oh Army if you only knew! :-)

The firefighter PT test however is no joke. Hose carry, ladder carry and set up, pull charged hose line, climb ladder, pull a bin of hose, whack a tire with a sledge hammer, drag 150lb dummy, climb ladder, move ladder that you set, and then carry Hurst tool ALL WHILE WEARING A 50LB VEST...in the morning Texas weather? I laugh at my attempt at that test. I'll admit I didn't make it through it. I'd like to say I kicked butt on it, but we have to be realistic. I was spent by the time I made it to the dummy...wishing I had that extra weight to throw around at that point. Good news, it doesn't mean I miss anything in my course. Just means I get to partake in extra PT four days a week...Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Hooah, going to be a beast by the time I'm done.

Army Military Ball coming up next Friday! Get to dress all spiffy in my ASU's.

That was pretty much my week, get up at 0200ish and PT, then change, breakfast, class, lunch, class, formation, dinner, study, sleep, repeat...

Friday we picked up our internet router so guess who now has internet in the room!! AND THAT MEANS I HAVE NETFLIX AGAIN!! Also went to Walmart! Bought a massive bath towel and was super excited about it! Its white and orange if anyone really cares, I had picked up a grey one after eyeing a green one that would have gone all too well with my ACU's. But then I saw the white and orange and figured I needed a little color in my life. Thinking I might break down and by new sheets tomorrow as everything on my bed minus my pillow and pillow case and my fleece blanket are Army issued and I just don't really like the thought of sleeping with that for the duration of my stay in lovely Texas.

Today was awesome in the most lazy of ways...slept til 8 (well after waking up at 4am scared I had overslept through PT), ate a relaxed breakfast, did laundry, spent some time online, organized my stuff, went shopping for necessities, more time online in which I realized just how much I'm missing sports - NASCAR included, even posted a few NASCAR commercials on facebook. Decided I might order that amazing Cardinals shirt I found online, and then kicked back with the guys for awhile...relaxed and amazing...one more day like that then back to it. Hooah!